He’s in my spot!


Mancat Monday

I am king of this house. I rule over all the lands I survey!


I am mighty! I am your lord and ruler! I……..will move over and give the queen her throne back.




Make a stand for your rights as kitties! Show them we can nap when and where we want!

Occupy the chair!


Occupy the laundry basket!


And occupy the cat tree!


Good Morning!

Hello. We will be napping on your clean laundry today. Have a good day.


Mancat Monday…It’s Been A While!

This is what I gave my favorite mama for Mother’s Day!


She wishes she could stay home and do this all day!

Our Week On Vacation

Mama went back to work this weekend. We had great week off, just hanging out and taking naps in a big pile every day. Her parents are back in Wisconsin for the summer, so she got to visit with them too. She made a big pot of navy beans, buttermilk cornbread, and pork chops in a bourbon marinade for dinner one night, and everyone feasted!

She *did* get the decluttering urge one day, and scared us to death. There was a lot of furniture moving, banging, and boxes piling up all over the place! We hid under the bed until it was all over. And she claims she isn’t done yet!

Anyway, things are back to what passes for normal here at Chez Cat. Mama is working again so we have hours of quiet to catch up on our sleep. We’re exhausted!

Does this cat tree make my butt look big?

Wisconsin Weather

Our weather has been very unsettled for the last few days. Right now it’s hailing and thundering, and it’s making us go crazy! We’re alternately hiding and having smackdowns and howling, and mama is yelling at us to stop. We can’t help it, we have to yell back at the thunder! Not because we’re scared, but because…..um….we have to show it who’s boss! Yeah, that’s it!

Don’t I look all wild and mancatly here?

We’re Still Here…Sorta!

Hey everyone! We didn’t get kidnapped by aliens or anything! Mama was working a plethora of hours and just didn’t have the ambition to blog. We’ve been reading everyone’s posts, though!

Mama is on vacation now, and while we love having her home to give us scritches on demand, she got the spring cleaning bug bad and turned our world upside down! There’s bags and boxes to be donated that are sitting around, our cat tree is in the livingroom now, and the worst part–SHE MOVED OUR LITTER BOXES!!


She also bought another entertainment center, which means that there will be strange people walking through our house. We almost liked it better when she was working! Does anyone want to harbor us until the madness ends?


*wash wash…lick lick…brush brush….*


*groom groom…lick lick…*


“What the…geez, lady! A little privacy?!”



There’s a huge nap-off going here at Chez Cat! We’ve been practicing for days and we think we got our techniques down. How are we doing?