Cold and Blustery

Hi everyone, Lizzie here.  Today is mama’s only day off, and instead of doing something productive like running errands, she decided to chase us around with the camera.  (Alright, babies, you know that I just worked five days in a row and don’t have much ambition today besides, it’s really cold and windy out and it looks like rain…).  Oh, mama, you need therapy!

She had me cornered.

Laser eyes…boring into your brain…

Then she woke up my brother Connor.  He didn’t have much to say (he’s such a lazybones).


So she went back to me.  I had to think of a diversion…

Is that the phone?  There’s a special sale at your favorite department store?  Grab the plastic mama!
 I don’t think worked, but she needed to get off of her lazy butt and do something anyway.  Like go to the grocery before we all starve to death!  I think our litterbox needs servicing, too.  Snap to it, lady!
Lizzie & Connor


12 responses to “Cold and Blustery”

  1. The Island Cats says :

    Hi ya, Lizzie and Connor! It's nice to meet you! Our mom chases us with that flashy box too…we just can't seem to escape from it! Hope your weather gets better…we think it's here in Michigan now!Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  2. The Crew says :

    Well hi, you two! Good to meet you. Of course you can link to us. Do you know the other Whisk-onsin cats?Thanks for stopping by and welcome to our cat blogging community.We'll send a notice to The Cat Blogosphere to announce you.George, Tipper, Max & MistyThe Crew

  3. Derby says :

    I see my furiends, The Crew, have been here before me. I will bug mum to link to you, sure you can link to me. Once you get announced on the CB you will have lots of company. Welcome to the gang.

  4. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy says :

    Oh, we see da Crew and Derby haf been here…and da Island cats of Michigan. Welcome to da cat blogosphere! Oh, dis is aciting, more Whiskerconsin kitties!

  5. Karen Jo says :

    It's always great to meet new kitties. That flashy box gets everywhere. I hope your Mom got to the store before you starved to death.

  6. The Creek Cats says :

    Hi new furiends! So great to meet ya! We are the Creek Cats and we love company, so stop by and see us sometime!

  7. Da Fambly Cat-a-blog Kittiez says :

    Welcome to the world of cat blogs! If you are looking for a lot of smiles, many laughs and a lot of fun CB is your place. Also, when a cat needs someone to lean on – there's room for that, too.

  8. Diane G. says :

    Welcome and nice to meet you!Moe and Carmela (Chicats)

  9. A Few Good Cats says :

    We're looking forward to seeing more pictures of Lizzie and Connor. Especially Connor, since he looks like a fine specimen of Man Cat!

  10. Elizabeth and Connor says :

    Thanks for the welcome! We don't know of any other Whiskerconsin cats with blogs except Derby and the Crew. We don't know why–it's so cold here that you'd think people would just sit in their houses all day and blog.We'll be visiting your sites! Again, thanks for coming!

  11. Spunky Doodle says :

    Welcome to the blogosphere. Manny and I blog too. Stop by and visit us at

  12. Laila and Minchie says :

    Welcome Elizabeth and Conner! We see our cat blogging friends have shown up to wish you a warm welcome. We live just a little south of you in Chi Town.

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