My Coat Markings

Hi, Connor here.  Mama is letting me post today to tell you about myself.  I’m the snuggley one, the one who most often sleeps with her.  I like lying on her laptop, too, because it’s warm and gives me the most opportunity for tummy rubs.

Can I come up?

I have very unusual markings in my coat.  I have two perfect circles on each side; these may be the classic tabby pattern, but we don’t know my background so mama isn’t sure.  She just calls them my “scritching targets”.  When she scratches them I roll over and show her my tummy (to be rubbed, of course).

One of my targets and magnificent tummy
Well, this post is wearing me out and I feel a nap coming on.  This is my 20th nap today and very important so I need to get to it.  Talk to you later!


9 responses to “My Coat Markings”

  1. Victor Tabbycat says :

    Hai, Connor! Yup, you has a classic tabby coat. We's Whiskonsin tabbies, too! I's Victor, da white + tabby boy (I luf laps an tummy rubs, too) an my sisfur is Nina, a "brown tabby + orinj" we call a Torbie. Nina lufs scritches all up an down her back an sides, but *gasp* NOT her tummy!We's furry glad to meet more Whiskonsin kitties. We's in Madison.Purrs,Victor & Nina

  2. The Meezers says :

    Hi Connor!!! It's furry nice to meet you! And you too Elizabeth!!!

  3. The Crew says :

    My, you do have perfect circles!!

  4. DEBRA says :

    Hi Conner! Hi der Elizabeth!It am furry nice to meetcha. Welcome to da CB!purrsAbby (da manx)

  5. Gracie says :

    Hey you two, it is so nice to meet you. I am new at the blogging and am trying to meet new friends. I hope we can become friends. I put you in my links so I can find my way back to you again.

  6. Cats of Wildcat Woods says :

    Nice to meet you Connor! You do have very unusual markings! Hope to see you often!

  7. The Island Cats says :

    Connor, those are some cool markings you got there…kinda like big bullseyes on each side!! Enjoy your 20th nap!Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  8. Laila and Minchie says :

    Scritching targets! hahaha! We luvs it! You are a very handsome mancat Connor!

  9. Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" says :

    When my mancat, Manny, rolls over showing me his floofy belly, I go to pet it and then he screeches at me–do you know why he'd do that?

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