Meatloaf Kitties

Mama loves it when we get in this position.  We compact ourselves into neat little bundles that she calls “meatloaves”.

 A long time ago she saw a cartoon of a cat curled up like this and under the caption it said something like:

“Surely a  cat, when it assumes the meatloaf position and gazes meditatively through slitted eyes, is having thoughts of utter profundity”.

What profound thoughts are we having here?

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8 responses to “Meatloaf Kitties”

  1. The Crew says :

    Hmmmm…I'm not sure what a profound thought is or if I ever have them, but I do know that Mom calls that our "meatloaf" position, too.Your friendMisty

  2. The Creek Cats says :

    MOL! We've never heard that before, but we're sure we'll hear it plenty now from our mom. We like to assume the "meatloaf" position when it's chilly in the house!

  3. The Island Cats says :

    We call that the meatloaf position too!!!

  4. Derby says :

    It is cold in Whiskerconsin and you don't want your paws to get cold.

  5. Huffle Mawson says :

    My mum calls that the suitcase position! She's weird though.

  6. Laila and Minchie says :

    The meatloaf position keeps our toesies nice and warm.

  7. CCL Wendy says :

    Great quote, and likely very true, too! Oddly enough, none of my cats make themselves into meatloves, though, so I guess they're not very profound.

  8. moll says :

    My cat sits in meat loaf possition now and then but normally she will sit in that position more when she’s not feeling good. So I now she’s not well when she does it a lot and a trip to vets which normally shows she’s in pain if some sort

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