Mancat Monday

Mama is always kissing my big mancat feet.  Really, it’s already embarrassing that she tells everyone about the ridiculous nickname she gave me, but to talk about my feet?  Can’t she leave a guy with even a modicum of dignity?

“Yeah, she has ideas about trimming my claws.  I’ll make sure to bloody her in the process.”

She also babbles about my pink toes (She kisses them too.  Ewwww!  I was just standing in the litterbox!).  Really, she’s so dysfunctional.  Is there a Rent-A-Mom or an exchange place?  We need to swap her out or something.

Being an only mancat in a house with women is so hard.

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8 responses to “Mancat Monday”

  1. The Creek Cats says :

    MOL! Great trick standing in the litter box just before she kisses your toesies!! Hahaha

  2. The Crew says :

    I agree. Mom's seem to have a "thing" about big paws. I have the biggest paws in the family and my Mom is always after mine to try and get in a quick claw trim. Of course, since I hate trims, she maybe gets one toe done before I run off.Max S.

  3. minekatter says :

    I love paws too, so I guess I´m one of those crazy humans! Your paws are great, by the way. I really can understand you mom!

  4. CCL Wendy says :

    You should be thankful you have a Mom who likes to kiss your litter-strewn feet! It means she really, really, really, really LOVES YOU!Those pink toesies are rather sweet! Can I have a taste, too?

  5. The Island Cats says :

    My mom loves my pink toesies too, Connor! She says they're like pink jelly beans! Sheesh!! And Ernie's got them huge feets with all them extra toes! He doesn't get a moment's rest from our mom!!Wally

  6. Rufus says :

    your mom is too sweet 🙂

  7. Furkidsmom says :

    We're pretty sure you don't want to swap with our Mom…she wanted to smooch your toes as soon as she saw them.Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. Derby says :

    Mum only kisses the tops of my paws, most of the time she kisses her finger and then presses it on my paw. Cat quotes? Google cat quotes!

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