Decorating for Christmas

We’re sooo in the holiday spirit here at Chez Cat!  Mama has just been moving furniture around to accommodate our new tree.  This is our second Christmas together (and Lizzie’s second time seeing a tree) so we always want to make it special.

While mama was putting it up we helped by biting the branches to make sure they behaved (those branches have to kept in line, you know).  Mama must have appreciated it because she kept saying “Kitties!  Please!”  We love helping mama.

We need more decorations,  so mama is going to go out in a little bit and see what she can do.  In the meantime, here’s a picture of Lizzie with her pink Wubba.

“…sniff…..sniff….hmmm, ‘nip vintage October 2009 ….excellent choice…

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6 responses to “Decorating for Christmas”

  1. The Island Cats says :

    Our mom hasn't even started decorating yet! She says it hasta wait until this weekend!

  2. The Creek Cats says :

    We've also been helping mom with our tree. We've been keeping the branches in line and cutting the lights off at the bottom and removing some ornaments that just don't belong on the tree, but are real fun to kick around.

  3. A Few Good Cats says :

    Good going, you 2! Mamas always appreciate all the help a cat can provide.

  4. us4 cats says :

    good job, helping with the tree. we did too! pengy even tried to eat oneof the candy canes.

  5. CCL Wendy says :

    Yes, Christmas is an exciting time for kitties with a tree in the house and all. And it's decorated with all those kitty toys, too! Nice of your mama to go and get even more.Have fun!

  6. michico*Adan says :

    I am also very exciting for Christmas as well!

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