We’re Back!

PLEASE NOTE: My laptop is running excruciatingly slow, so I am reading everyone’s blogs but not commenting because it takes literally five minutes for each page to load.  I am upgrading to Windows 7 this week and should be able to comment then.  Just wanted to make sure that non one that I was ignoring them!

In lieu of Mancat Monday, we want to report on the heinous crimes mama committed during the holidays.

First of all, she was at her aunt’s house and was seen cavorting with this:

Honey the Ladycat
Then, even though she keeps telling Connor that he is the only mancat in her life, she was caught loving on this:
Boobah the Mancat
And now, for the worst part–she went to a cousins house and did this:
Mama with Cloe the Toy Yorkie

There was one of these there, too:
Daisy the Shi Tzu (don’t know why the picture is tilted, sorry)
She had all kinds of excuses like she doesn’t see those other kitties often and the woofies were in dresses, but we held out.  We made sure to ignore her for a long time–and that was the longest five minutes of our lives, too.  We can’t have our mama associating with other animals and not pay the consequences!
Anyway, our holiday was very good–lots of food, gifts, and family.  Mama had a pretty good haul this year–gourmet coffees, some boardgames, gift cards, a really nice coffee maker, a big apple cinnamon candle, and a gift box of spices.
As a present to herself, she also upgraded to Windows 7, so when that comes we’ll have some HBO words flying around.  We may need to make plans to ignore her again.  Have a great Monday everyone!

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4 responses to “We’re Back!”

  1. The Crew says :

    Well, she might be forgiven for petting other cats, but woofies in dresses…no way!! At least not 'til she gets their smells off her.

  2. The Creek Cats says :

    It sure doesn't feel good to be cheated on, does it? Be sure to replace their smells with your smells asap!

  3. The Island Cats says :

    Well for cheating on you we hope she gives you some extra treats…lots of them!!Good luck with that upgrade!

  4. Sweet Praline says :

    My mom was hugging and petting a bunch of woofies over the holidays, too.

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