Mancat Monday

A mancat on New Year’s Day morning:

“Mom!  You’re folding too loud!”
Too many niptini’s on New Year’s Eve, Connor?
In other news, mama upgraded to Windows 7 on the laptop, and boy is it fast!  There were some HBO words because she had to reinstall all of her programs and set up both the wireless router and the internet account, but she’s pleased with the result.  We’re back to blogging again!  Hope everyone had a great New Year!

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6 responses to “Mancat Monday”

  1. Laila and Minchie says :

    Why is it The Moms have to fold the laundry when we are on our beds napping? Will they ever learn?

  2. The Creek Cats says :

    So glad you guys are back to blogging! woo hoo!

  3. Sweet Praline says :

    Glad Windows 7 helped. I hope that laundry was warm.

  4. CCL Wendy says :

    Mommy may not understand that your hearing is so much more sensitive than hers to begin with, Connor! You hear things she's never heard in her life.Just like a bean to assume you've been into the nip!

  5. Glogirly and Katie says :

    Connor!Wake up!!! You are sleeping through LAUNDRY??? OMC, what are you thinking??? I NEVER sleep through laundry, no matter how many niptinis I've had the night before. mew!Katie(Glogirly's cat)

  6. Cat with a Garden says :

    Hi you two! We saw you at the CB and wanted to say hello. This "you're folding too loud" made us laugh!Purrs, Siena & Chilli

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