Party Animals and Pampering

I don’t know how we do it–the late nights, the wild and crazy partying, the ‘niptinis:

Look at us partying down on a recent Friday night…
In other news…well, there really isn’t any.  Mama has been working this week, and finally has a day off tomorrow.  She’s doing a crazy human thing called “self-pampering” that involves coloring her fur, scented candles, soft music, and wearing some weird things on her toes while she paints them.  She’ll spend hours in the bathroom.  Humans are strange!  Too bad she isn’t naturally beautiful like us cats.  She wouldn’t have to go through all of this!
Have a great Wednesday!

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6 responses to “Party Animals and Pampering”

  1. Laila and Minchie says :

    A Mom day! Our mom loves those days!

  2. Maggie May says :

    You guys are just too wild. You should really calm down, MOL!

  3. CCL Wendy says :

    Humans have other humans telling them what they must look like to be "beautiful". Cats make up their own minds and decide they are fine they way they are.Cats rule! Keep on, keepin' on!

  4. The Island Cats says :

    We hope some part of her day off is spent pampering you two!!!

  5. Catline Crew says :

    Let Mom have her "self-pampering" day and maybe she'll give you a cat-pampering day.

  6. JC says :

    It's silly isn't it … cats take what … two minutes to look great … we take forever. ( if you go into your html code you can make your borders fit into your white areas. Layout, html, then find .. Main wrapper, side wrapper width & outer wrapper width. You just adjust the numbers … going back and forth until it makes your blog fit. )

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