Mancat Monday–Early Edition

Well, here we go.  Mama starts school tomorrow, so she’s going to have some crazy kind of schedule until May.  She’s working day shift today, hence the posting at such an early hour.   Since I am the man of the house I have to be strong and support her.

“You know you want to come back to bed with me!”
Is that supportive enough? 


7 responses to “Mancat Monday–Early Edition”

  1. The Creek Cats says :

    You're doing a pawsome job of supporting your mom!

  2. Max the Quilt Cat says :

    Hang in there and support your mom. It's a great thing you're doing. We just gotta do what we gotta do when the humans get a new schedule. *Nosetaps* to you.

  3. Harry Spotter says :

    Your an awesome cat for supporting your mom. I hope she gives you some extra treats for all you are doing for her.

  4. Catline Crew says :

    She is very lucky to have such a good mancat to support her.

  5. The Island Cats says :

    We hope your mom listened to you! (But somehow we think she didn't…)

  6. Glogirly and Katie says :

    She's going to be very tempted to come back to bed with you! Don't tempt her too much though… we want her to do well in school. We don't want you to have to write her teacher a note.mew!Katie(Glogirly's cat)

  7. Noll's Nip says :

    Hi…nice to meet you. I think you are being furry supportive!

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