Mancat Monday–Studying Help

Hi, Connor, here, from underneath mama’s desk.  She’s studying anatomy this semester, so I’m being a helpful mancat and staying near her in case she needs a break.

"My tummy is right here to be rubbed when you are ready!"

I think she is going to have a good semester!  Have a great Monday, mancats!

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6 responses to “Mancat Monday–Studying Help”

  1. The Creek Cats and Maggie May says :

    What would your mommy do with out your help studying, Connor?

  2. Sweet Praline says :

    Good luck to your mom and her studies!

  3. Brian says :

    She knows that she can count of you if she needs some serious snuggle breaks!

  4. CCL Wendy says :

    That’s the same place that Dylan likes to sit when I’m on the computer. He likes to lie on my feet and keep them nice and warm.

    Maybe you could do that for you Mom and it might help her relax and study so she can get better grades. It’s all up to you now, Connor!

  5. The Crew says :

    Yay, we found your new page! Hey Connor, did you know you have a perfect circle on your furs?!

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