Mama’s New Toy

Lizzie here today!  Mama is lost cause.  As if her laptop and digital camera weren’t enough, now she brings in THIS:

"Not another one!"

And of course, this also has a camera, so we’re pretty much doomed.  No more privacy for our taking-over-the world plans!

"Woe is us!"

On second thought, that might mean she will be taking pictures of other things and leaving us alone!  Unless it’s other kitties…that might not be such a good idea….

In other news, we’ve had windows open for the last few days, and this morning we heard some Canadian geese flying overhead!  The Feather Channel has been on, too, and we’ve been entertained by it.  Mama would love to get a video of us chattering at birdies, but don’t hold your breath on that.  We’re happy it’s almost spring, but mama hates hot weather because of her various ailments: allergies, heat sickness, sun poisoning, you name it–she has it.  She keeps threatening to move us to the Arctic Circle!

So that’s our news for this week.  Have a great weekend everyone!

6 responses to “Mama’s New Toy”

  1. The Creek Cats says :

    Oh mommy has one of those dreaded blackberries too. She is addicted!

    The Feather Channel!!! Love it!

  2. Sweet Praline says :

    My mom is thinking about getting somwthing called a droid.

  3. CCL Wendy says :

    You should be happy that your mommy takes so many pictures of you because that’s what helps her blog about you. We certainly all love to see your pictures.

    Isn’t it wonderful — almost spring — if the geese are flying north, it’s a sure sign. I’m like your mom and don’t like hot weather, but early spring and fall are good times. I swell up when it gets really hot, so I generally just stay inside in the air conditioning. I’ve never heard of heat sickness, but maybe I have it, too.

  4. Derby and Ducky says :

    Love the fevver channel, lots of birdies here too today.

  5. Faz the Cat says :

    Welcome to a digital world. FAZ

  6. The Island Cats says :

    Our mom has one of those things too…it’s for her job. You just reminded her that it has a flashy box on it and she wants to take some pictures of us for it. Great… ::sarcasm implied::

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