Spring Cleaning

We are doing a little spring cleaning on our blog.  Mama really liked this theme–it seems very clean and fresh, so we’re going with it for the spring and summer.  We helped her pick it out, of course.

“Why, yes, we ARE just going to lie here all day. Why do you ask?”

There may be more changes coming, so bear with us!  Have a great Wednesday!


5 responses to “Spring Cleaning”

  1. Amy & The House of Cats says :

    We think spring cleaning is a great idea – we are going to have to get our mom to do that at our blog. It really needs it!!

    We think the new theme is nice and we agree, very fresh feeling!!

    And you both look cute there snuggling together! We think that is the best thing to do when the moms are spring cleaning!

  2. The Island Cats says :

    Wow! It’s really looking good! We wish our mom would do some spring cleaning…our blog is looking old and tired…

  3. Laila and Minchie says :

    We like your new spring-cleaned look!

  4. Derby and Ducky says :

    Ya, gotta redecorate now and then.

  5. The Crew says :

    Why do humans always expect us to be doing something? I’m perfectly content to lie in the same spot all day, undisturbed!


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