Embarrassing Moments and Weekend Plans

“This is NOT the most flattering picture you could post of me!”

Thanks for posting this of me!  You better sleep with the lights on tonight!

Anyway, it’s Lizzie here.  It’s mama’s weekend off and she is going to be getting some cleaning in here at Chez Cat–windows will be open, scented candles burning, and everything will be fresh!  She may even move furniture around so there will be new places to sniff!

However, she IS going out to dinner tomorrow night and will be dining on LOBSTER, of all things.  Do you think we can finagle a doggie bag out of her?  Maybe we should take lessons from woofies and learn to do sad eyes…wait a minute, what am I saying?  I better go lie down…the heat is getting to me…


2 responses to “Embarrassing Moments and Weekend Plans”

  1. Sweet Praline says :

    I think my mom is going to do some spring cleaning, too! Watch out!

  2. Laila and Minchie says :

    Do NOT let her back in after dinner unless she shows up with that doggie bag!

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