Oh, Shoot!

We were planning on spending the day plotting world domination and mama just told us that she’s off from work!

“Dang it! What do we do now?”

Anyway, mama ordered a sewing machine and it should be delivered by Friday–she’s going to attempt to make curtains from that material she posted about a while back.  We can’t wait, either–it’ll come in a big box that she’ll let us play in!  Maybe we should plot in there?   Mama has never sewn before, so this will be rich.  Of course, we’ll help by fuzzing up the material!  We’ll let everyone know how it all goes.  Have a good Wednesday!


7 responses to “Oh, Shoot!”

  1. Maggie May says :

    A brand new box!!! Sounds pawsome!

  2. The Crew says :

    You should definitely make that box into a cool bachelor pad, Connor. Then invite all Elizabeth’s girlcat friends over and impress them.

    George & Max

  3. The Island Cats says :

    Dontcha just hate it when the humans mess up your plans??

    Hey, our mom bought a sewing machine over a year ago because she had big plans to sew stuff like curtains and such and y’know what?? She’s NEVER used it since she bought it!! We hope your mom uses hers!!!

  4. Harry Spotter says :

    A sewing machine, think of all the great clothes she can make for you. Fuzzed up drapes sound like great drapes for cats. Have fun!

  5. Nina Torbie says :

    Oh, it’s nice to meet you! You two sound a lot like us. I was timid when I first came home, but now I’m merely cautious. We often watch each other play and boxes are wonderful!

    Mom says sewing can be fun, but she’s been warned that curtains are a pain to sew. I don’t know about that; I’ve helped Mom sew some cat toys and that wasn’t a pain!

    Purrs, Nina (and her cuddle-bug brofur, Victor)

  6. CCL Wendy says :

    Poor Connor and Lizzie — thwarted again! Oh well, you’re always complaining about your mommy working too much, and here she is at home with you — so just enjoy each other!

    And have fun snoopervising!

  7. Amy & The House of Cats and their Mom says :

    We think that the big box sounds like the perfect place to use as a hideout for plotting things. And think of it this way, if your mom is home she might give you more treats during the day!

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