Random Wednesday

Mama has been off for the last two days, so she’s been moving furniture and cleaning and stuff.  She even brought out that monster that lives in the bedroom closet and sucked up some of the furs that we so lovingly left on the carpet (and there’s a rumor that she’s going to do more today).  To say we are traumatized is an understatement!

As a consolation, we get to run around naked today!  Mama ordered us some 24 karat gold tags with her cell phone number on it (she got rid of the landline a few months ago) and she took our collars off.  We’ve been getting some really good scritches on our necks!

Here we are blissed out after a good scritching session:

“I know I’m sliding off the bed…I’m too tired to care!”

The upside of all of this cleaning and furniture moving is that we have new spots to explore, plus mama found our catnip mice under the couch.  There’s more happening, today, too.  Never a dull moment here at Chez Cat!


5 responses to “Random Wednesday”

  1. Brian says :

    Y’all sure do look exhausted from all that cleaning!

  2. Amy & The House of Cats says :

    Wow it sounds like a lot is going on there! And boy it must be fun for you to run around naked – we don’t have collars, but we imagine they must get itchy. So being naked would be super fun and great for scritches!

  3. The Island Cats says :

    Aw man! You got to run around nekked?? We never get to do that! Well, once Ernie and me were wrasslin’ and I yanked his collar off and he ran around nekked for a little while, but then mom caught him and put it back on.

    We hope that rug sucking monster didn’t stay out for too long!!

  4. Laila and Minchie says :

    That must feel very wonderful running around naked like that! We don’t wear collars because we live in a condo. When Angel was living here, Mom had to take his off because Minchie kept trying to chew it off. Very strange!

  5. CCL Wendy says :

    Aren’t you kitties lucky to get to be truly naked after having collars for so long! I’ll bet that scritching felt extra good — sort of like taking off a girdle (I remember that from the 60’s). What a relief!

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