Mancat Monday

Decisions, decisions….sit on mama’s lap or play in the boxes?



9 responses to “Mancat Monday”

  1. Amy & The House of Cats says :

    Wow, that is a tough choice – we say lap then boxes, because the boxes will always be there, but the lap won’t!

  2. Amy & The House of Cats says :

    I forgot to ask you to email me – I can’t find your email to contact you about Hippo Madness!

  3. Brian says :

    I agree, I don’t know how you are going to make that pick!

  4. The Creek Cats says :

    Wow, that’s a tough decision!

  5. Laila and Minchie says :

    We always choose a momma’s lap!

  6. Rene Schweitzer says :

    Play in the boxes, and then sit on your mom’s lap when you’re tired!

  7. The Island Cats says :

    We think you should do a little of both!!!

  8. CCL Wendy says :

    That is a very tough decision indeed! If you play in the box first, mommy might get up and leave — so I’d take the lap if I were you because the box will still be there.

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