CSI: Milwaukee

It started out as a normal fall day.  Connor was in the bedroom with mama, getting his morning scritches and making biscuits:


And I headed out to the kitchen for a little breakfast.  Imagine my surprise when I was greeted with this sight:

“An empty food dish!!”

Our food was missing!  I immediately looked for clues and found none!  What dastardly coward would steal innocent kitties’ food?  Who do I call for help?  Are there other reports of missing food?  Help us track down the culprit!!

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8 responses to “CSI: Milwaukee”

  1. Laila and Minchie says :

    CSI: Chicago will get right on it!

  2. Brian says :

    Did you look on the Food Network?

  3. Sweet Praline says :

    Has there been a woofie in your house lately?

  4. Maggie May says :

    Missing foods is not good at all!!! Yeah, if it was our house we’d suspect our woofie Dixie Dog. She’s good at making foods disappear!

  5. Amy & The House of Cats says :

    Hm, this is a tough case. You are sure that Connor didn’t take it – his alibi will vouch for his whereabouts the entire time? Have you dusted for paw prints? See, we have had similar thefts at our house – empty bowl, no food. It is usually one of the boys got a bit hungry during the night and pigged out, before mom could refill. We would say blame the dog, except, well, you don’t have a dog (we do not either which is why we know that excuse doesn’t work in dog free houses) so that isn’t going to pan out. We say start with dusting for prints, and go from there.

  6. The Island Cats says :

    Yikes!! Call the authorities!!

  7. The Crew says :

    Obviously an intruder came in and ate all the food. Better post a guard at night. Call us if you need help.


  8. CCL Wendy says :

    I am confused because I do see some kibble in that dish on the floor, though there doesn’t appear to be any water in the container.

    Does this mean, though, that perhaps you are going somewhere like the V-E-T and mama didn’t want you to eat? O noes!

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