Femme Friday

“Is is the weekend, yet?”

(Yes, this is another picture from when I first got here.  I don’t know why mama thinks these are funny–I was just exploring!)


7 responses to “Femme Friday”

  1. Rene Schweitzer says :

    We love your cute wastebasket photo and your huge eyes!

  2. The Kool~Kittie~Krew says :

    MOL~!!! You are SO silly!

  3. Laila and Minchie says :

    Lizzie, we almost didn’t see you in there!

  4. Brian says :

    I love it you cute little bascat!

  5. Amy & The House of Cats says :

    Lizzie you are so cute! We totally understand why your mom likes those pictures – you were (and still are) cute, and it reminds her of the wonderful time when you first came to live with her!

  6. Danielle says :

    Oh you beautiful girl! That’s such an adorable picture of you, no wonder your mom loves this pic!

  7. The Island Cats says :

    Haha! Lizzie, we think that picture is funny too!!

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