Getting Ready For A Visit

Our little visitor should be arriving today, and we’re really excited!  We have a lot of fun things planned and can’t wait to show him some wonderful spots here in Milwaukee!

Anyway, mama is off today, and she has to make a list of things to do for our move next month.  There is a rumor about a lot of boxes, and we can’t wait for that part!  There’s also talk about moving furniture around, so there will be new spots to investigate.  This is so exciting!  Mama doesn’t seem as thrilled, though.  Something about how full the basement locker is and she doesn’t even know what’s down there anymore.  There was something else about lifting heavy furniture and being old, but we didn’t quite catch that.  We just want to play in the boxes!

Have a good Wednesday!


6 responses to “Getting Ready For A Visit”

  1. The Kool~Kittie~Krew says :

    Boxes RULE~!!! It’s gonna be lots of fun, but our mom agrees with your mom…NOT FUN!

  2. Amy & the House of Cats says :

    Hi Connor and Lizzie! We remember when our mom and dad moved – it is fun with the boxes but don’t be surprised if your mom keeps shooing you out of them! But once the move is done there will be a lot more new places to investigate – that part is fun (well, after a couple days it will be – it took us 3 or 4 to get used to it!)

    We can’t wait to see what fun things you will be doing with your visitor! Our mom has been to Milwaukee (her uncle is from there – she has only been up a couple times though) but we never got to go, so we can’t wait!

  3. Brian says :

    Yep, boxes make the world a brighter place! I know you will have fun with your visitors!

  4. Angie, Catladyland/Katt Food says :

    Boxes really are the best part, aren’t they? I am so excited for your move! Have fun with your visitor 🙂

  5. Danielle says :

    I love boxes. I even like bags. They’re always fun to poke around in.

  6. Rene Schweitzer says :

    The piles of boxes will be just awesome, and I’m sure you will help your mom with the packing.

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