Quick Update

Hey everyone!  We’ve been AWOL because our secretary–AKA mama–has been working crazy hours at work and hasn’t been awake enough to create a coherent post for us.  Things are back to normal now and we’ll have our Mancat Monday post up tomorrow!

I’m not sure if Lizzie is snuggling or putting a wrestling move on Connor!


3 responses to “Quick Update”

  1. Brian says :

    They actually look pretty comfy to me! Enjoy your Sunday everyone!!!

  2. Gracie says :

    Hugo has arrived safe and sound! He was telling me all about the fun he had at your place! I can see why you two are needing to catch up on some rest.
    Thanks so much for the wonderful gifts you sent me! I just love especially the nippy toys. The treats are great and just enjoy my new stuffed kittie. Stop on over when you two are rested up!

  3. A few Good Cats says :

    We hope it’s just a real close snuggle between those 2…

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