Thanks So Much!

I am overwhelmed by the healing purrs and well-wishes from everyone!  Lizzie is home now and has eaten (and kept down) a can of food.  She’s a lot more perky than she was.  There’s a stand-off going on between her and Connor because she smells like the vet, but no fighting.  I’m off again tomorrow so I’ll see how she’s doing.

The vet sent her home with Prednisolone and Buprenex, plus some treats.  I keep a store of canned cat food for times like this, so I’m hoping to get more down her over the next several days.  Rene of “It’s All About The Cats” was kind enough to email me information about pancreatitis in cats.  Thanks!

I have added a Paypal button at the top right of the page.  I know that it’s so soon after Christmas, but I’m still trying to catch up financially from moving and this vet bill on top of that is a lot to handle.  Anything anyone can spare will be deeply appreciated.  I will put everyone’s names into a hat and have a raffle for something, just to show how much all of you mean to me.  It helps that I am not alone in this and that animal people are the best ever!  Huge grateful purrs from Lizzie and Connor, and big cyber hugs from me!  You are all awesome!


4 responses to “Thanks So Much!”

  1. Rene Schweitzer says :

    I’m purring for Lizzie and hope you will find the information I sent useful. I know it’s not much, but I just gave a small donation through Paypal. Every little bit helps, I figure, right?

  2. Brian says :

    I’m going to give a little too, but no need to draw for anything for me…I’m just happy Lizzie is doing some better!

  3. Danielle says :

    Oh dear! We hope the vet can help get Lizzy better quick!

  4. The Creek Cats says :

    We hope you continue to improve, Lizzy!! Sending you lots of healing vibes!

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