As some of you may or may not know, mama is obsessed with the TV show Ghost Hunters.  Her own parents hunt ghosts and have a lot of equipment, so it’s no wonder that she bought her own camcorder with an attachment for an infrared light.  It will be delivered on Thursday.

To say that we are scared is putting it mildly.

There’s a theory that animals can be trained to look for spirits.  We are panicking and have images in our heads of this:

Connor Hawes and Lizzie Wilson?

We’ll *never* get any rest if she keeps this up!  The camera has night vision, which means she can film us napping under the bed, which is sacrilege!  Under bed naps should NEVER be disturbed, much less in a movie!

Boring Disclaimer:  This a manipulated publicity still for the seventh season of Ghost Hunters, which will premiere on February 23rd on SyFy.  This season they are using shoulder-mounted wireless IR cameras.  Mama is super psyched for this!


6 responses to “Help!”

  1. Angie, Catladyland/Katt Food says :

    That’s great!! I love Ghost Hunters too, but and (not-so-secretly) scared of things like that. I have no idea why I watch it. That’s SO cool that her parents are real-life ghost hunters 🙂

  2. The Island Cats says :

    Oh no!! Are you guys gonna hunt for ghosts??

  3. Rene Schweitzer says :

    Oh no, you’ll have to find new ways to hide, out of a camera’s range!

  4. CCL Wendy says :

    Regular Ghostbusters you are! At least in that picture. We never knew about your Mom’s parents before — it’s very intriguing, but also very scary!

  5. us4 cats says :

    ahhhh, our mom likes to watch GH as well and other ghost story shows. she says it makes sense in those shows how the animals ALWAYS sense things way before beans do since us cats are intuitive and sense things beans do not. neato about your beans parents! SO… with your beans e-quipment in the house y’all might just be the first CatsGoGhostBusters !!! 🙂

  6. Brian says :

    Well that’s pretty cool, y’all are Ghost Busters!!!

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