Femme Friday

Lizzie here with my next asana in Advanced Cat Yoga.  This one involves the back of a cushy chair or couch, so balance is key.

Start by making sure you are stable on the back of that cushy chair/couch.  Gently inhale and draw one hind leg up to your shoulder, while extending the other as far as you can stretch and still be comfortable.  Pretend to look annoyed that the human is flashing that darn box in your face.  Exhale and relax.

I may look annoyed, but that's for effect. I know you can't get enough of my beauty!


5 responses to “Femme Friday”

  1. The Island Cats says :

    Oh Lizzie…that looks like an advanced move! We don’t know if we can do that one yet…well, maybe Zoey can try it!!

  2. Laila and Minchie says :

    Great lesson, Lizzie! We are going to give it a try today.

  3. Brian says :

    I did that once, only once. I rolled off the couch and hurt my butt!

  4. Rene Schweitzer says :

    LOL, you are a master!

  5. A few Good Cats says :

    Lizzie, you certainly are flexible and in balance. We suspect that not just any cat can do what you did.

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