Femme Friday

My back is all mama has been getting since she got home Sunday.  That’s all she deserves for leaving us for a week!


5 responses to “Femme Friday”

  1. Brian says :

    Oops, Mom is in big trouble! Have a nice weekend anyways!!!

  2. The Island Cats says :

    Oh yeah…you tell her…or rather…give her the back!!

  3. CCL Wendy says :

    Aw Connor — you know you want some loving! You’re hurting yourself and your Mama. Might as well just give in and enjoy the reunion.

  4. Katnip Lounge says :

    Naughty Mama. Why do they do that, anyway?

  5. Cats~Goats~Quotes says :

    We saw her pet that prairie dog! It looked pretty cute, so did the little goat in the background.
    Happy Weekend to you!
    ~ The Bunch

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