Mama’s Gone Crazy!

Connor and Lizzie, reporting from a corner of the bedroom.  Mama has had a few days off and spent a lot of time watching HGTV and DIY, her two favorite channels.  Usually we’re OK with that, because we can snuggle on the couch, but yesterday she suddenly went on a cleaning and organizing jag.  We retreated to this corner because we were afraid we’d get swept up and thrown away, too!

Holding onto our toys for dear life!

She even got out her tool box and drill and started putting holes in the walls.  It was crazy!  She also spray painted some second-hand frames and used matting and old pictures from a calendar to  make these:

We have to admit, they are rather pretty and soothing, but that means that she’s going to pound more holes in the walls!  We’ll be under the bed if anyone needs us!


10 responses to “Mama’s Gone Crazy!”

  1. Fuzzy Tales says :

    Wow, your mom’s been busy! The picture frames look great–and the calendar photos are gorgeous. The mom thinks she ought to do something like that…then gets distracted and doesn’t bother. LOL. Maybe your mom could come and do all our human’s little projects. 😛

    BTW, after repainting this spring, our mom swears she won’t put any more holes in the wall and wants to get those 3M Command hooks that you can hang pictures from. She saw some nice ones in Michael’s crafts store, specifically for hanging frames–different sizes for different types of frames and weights. More expensive than drilling holes in walls, but hey, at least you don’t have to patch the walls later!

  2. The Island Cats says :

    Give the humans a couple of days off and they start rearranging the whole house! We hope you don’t get swept up too!

    Those are very pertty pictures!!

  3. CCL Wendy says :

    What a great job you did on the pictures! They will make a great trio up on the wall. It’s like having a garden inside!

    It’s too funny that you scared Connor and Lizzie! I guess they’re not used to Mommy having a ‘bang-up’ time.

  4. Rene S says :

    Oh noes! We are sure your mom won’t throw you away (though you might want to hide your favorite toys just in case)!

  5. Brian says :

    Hey, I don’t like those banging noises either and I’d be scooting somewhere safe! Y’all have a great day!

  6. meowmeowmans says :

    Wow, your mom *did* go a little crazy! Have a great day (and don’t get swept up)!

  7. A few Good Cats says :

    Our human mom does the same thing! All those HGTV shows give her ideas, and we have to stay out of the way too.

  8. Layla Morgan Wilde says :

    Our mom goes HGTV crazy too. With September, it’s a new season and good time to declutter and re-decorate but hope she asks permission before throwing away any kitty toys.

  9. ewok1993 says :

    kitties, you’re not helping your mama clean and fix the house? Buster likes to poke his head into Papa’s tool box when he takes it out. He sniffs everything in it. I stay as far away from the tool box as possible 🙂

    Emma and Buster

  10. Glogirly & Katie says :

    I’ve learned to steer clear as well when Glogirly gets on one of her decorating rampages. If I don’t pay attention I’ll either get vacuumed up or stuffed into a box. And I’m not talking about a fun box. ; )

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