I’m So Insulted!

Hi everyone, Connor here.  Did you guys see the Facebook post on mama’s page yesterday?  She claims that my new nickname is “Mr. Pukey”!  Just because I *may* have brought up a hairball…or two…or more…doesn’t give her the right to embarrass me on the web!



And just because it’s *possible* that I might do it all year round doesn’t mean that she can call me what she wants.  This is an outrage!  I am a Mancat–I won’t stand for this!


6 responses to “I’m So Insulted!”

  1. The Island Cats says :

    Connor, I’m Mr. Pukey too…so don’t feel bad.


  2. CCL Wendy says :

    Yes, Connor, you are not alone in the puke depawtment! Domino is a serial-puker, herself.

    I read that it’s normal for some cats to routinely regurgitate, and I guess you’re just built that way. It’s a small price to pay for all that you give your Mama in other ways.

  3. Brian says :

    Well at least she didn’t post pics of the event!!!

  4. Fuzzy Tales says :

    Well, that’s just mean! Brian’s right, though. Be thankful for small mercies. LOL.

  5. jansfunnyfarm says :

    Oh, noooooooo! She outed you on FB? How mean of her, disrespecting a mancat like that.

    Brian has a point. Don’t fire her as your servant since she didn’t post pictures.

  6. The Crew says :

    We agree, Connor. You need to put your paw down!!

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