Mancat Monday

Rough weekend. Tell me when it's Friday.


7 responses to “Mancat Monday”

  1. The Island Cats says :

    We’ll let you know when it’s Friday so you can start all over again!!

  2. Fuzzy Tales says :

    Hahaha! Must have been a very rough weekend, then! 😀

  3. Brian says :

    Excellent idea, just snooze it away!

  4. Katnip Lounge says :

    Whew! We hope you had a fun time!

  5. rene Schweitzer says :

    LOL, that’s a perfect Monday photo!

  6. ewok1993 says :

    You are just the cutest one. OUr mama would love to cuddle with you.

    Emma and Buster

  7. Catladyland says :

    You look so cozy! That’s how I would have liked to have spent yesterday!

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