In Lieu Of A Cat Post…

So mama finally bought a bird feeder to entertain us, and she has some questions because the birds don’t seem to have used it yet. First, is it possible to have the feeder too close to the house? Mama wanted to put it where we would have full view of it. Second, since the only place that she could put it where we can see it is under the pine trees in front, she’s wondering if that could be the
problem? Thanks in advance for any information that you give!

And, so that this isn’t an entirely cat-less post, here’s a picture of us:


Feed the kitties…erm…the birdies!


7 responses to “In Lieu Of A Cat Post…”

  1. Nerissa's Life says :

    Looks like you’re getting bird tv. YEAH!!!

  2. Rene Schweitzer says :

    How long has the feeder been out? It can take a few days for birds to “find” it. I don’t think it can be too close to the house, especially since they sell feeders that stick on to the window. What kind of seed are you using? You can also put a small bowl of cracked corn under the feeder to attract more birds too. Cracked corn is inexpensive too.

  3. bobthewondercat says :

    I meant to tell you – I saw a couple of female cardinals flying around it yesterday, but my camera batteries are dead! (Also, the thumb thing, you know…a bit awkward) I’ll try again!

  4. Fuzzy Tales says :

    It’s been years since we’ve had a feeder in our little back space, because they made such a huge mess of the seed. But we say give it a bit more time too–it can take a while for the birds to realize food is there. 🙂

    That feeder will make for pawsome kitty TV, though!

  5. Brian says :

    I don’t know the answer but I think they will find it!

  6. Sweet Purrfections says :

    We don’t know the answer, but we’re sure someone on the CB will help.

    Truffle and Brulee

  7. debbieglovatsky says :

    We don’t know much about that, but one idea would be to move the feeder AND the birds inside. …just sayin.
    ; ) Katie

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