About Us

Lizzie has pancreas issues and we could use some help with the bills!  Thank you!




We are two rescued kitties living in pampered comfort with our mama in southeastern Wisconsin.

Connor is a 16 pound ginger tabby whose mother was found by Second Hand Purrs while she was pregnant with him.  He came to live with me in February of 2008.  He is a total mama’s boy and wants nothing more than to be near me.

Lizzie is a a 9 pound “blue” kitty.  She has a special story.  She was rescued from a cat hoarder and was extremely shy when I brought her home.  After a month of hiding, she finally came out and assumed the role of “lady of the house”.  She also came to live with me in February of 2008, just a few weeks before Connor did.  She’s very sweet and playful, usually getting into mischief while her brother watches.

Our mama also has a food blog, called “Dawn’s Kitchen“.  Go ahead and check it out; our mama is a great cook!

Our blog chronicles our lives and mama’s doings.  Feel free to leave comments, too!  We love making new friends and talking to other kitties!  Our email address is redshieldmaiden “AT thingy” wi.rr dot com (We spelled it like this so we don’t get spam!).

2 responses to “About Us”

  1. Sly says :


    Maw name is Sly. I founds yur blogs the other day and wanted to send some mails saying Hi. I am new to the bloggins world and luv meetings new cats. Mum said she wud add yous to our blogroll so I cans keeps a very close eyes on yur blog. We luv your new blog at wordpress.

    I hav a Cat blog at: http://petcareeducation.com/cat/ I mainly blogs abouts Cat Care and hows to tak goods cares of us. Mum proofreads my works. She says it luks more professionals. She doesnt know what shes talkin abouts. I thinks it wud be awesomes if you add us to your blogroll also.

    Anyways…. I luk forward to reading and commenting on yur blog post….


    Sly the Cat Care Guru

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