We’re Still Here…Sorta!

Hey everyone! We didn’t get kidnapped by aliens or anything! Mama was working a plethora of hours and just didn’t have the ambition to blog. We’ve been reading everyone’s posts, though!

Mama is on vacation now, and while we love having her home to give us scritches on demand, she got the spring cleaning bug bad and turned our world upside down! There’s bags and boxes to be donated that are sitting around, our cat tree is in the livingroom now, and the worst part–SHE MOVED OUR LITTER BOXES!!


She also bought another entertainment center, which means that there will be strange people walking through our house. We almost liked it better when she was working! Does anyone want to harbor us until the madness ends?



*wash wash…lick lick…brush brush….*


*groom groom…lick lick…*


“What the…geez, lady! A little privacy?!”



There’s a huge nap-off going here at Chez Cat! We’ve been practicing for days and we think we got our techniques down. How are we doing?


Day Off

Mama has been busy doing non-kitty related things (ahem….like work) so any day off she gets is important to her. Generally, her days start off with making a pot of coffee and then playing on the iPad with me (Connor) in her lap.


Last Saturday she decided, in spite of the cool weather and drizzle, she was going to get the grill out and get her firepit going, darn it! She made tuna steaks that we didn’t get any part of, and then spent the rest of the evening doing this:


She came in to snuggle with us, but she smelled funny from the smoke. Wouldn’t it just have been easier to bring the firepit inside and snuggle with us there? We could have just camped out in the livingroom! And we ALL could have had tuna steaks then!

The Amazing Stack-A-Cat!

Are your cats in disarray? Do they get underfoot? With the new Stack-A-Cat, they can be easily organized and always close at hand! Stack’em anywhere! Great gift for the anal-retentive crazy catlady!

*sigh* “Why do we put up with this?”

Special Offer!

Free! Kisses on the top of my head!

Go ahead and plant one–you know you want to!

In Lieu Of A Cat Post…

So mama finally bought a bird feeder to entertain us, and she has some questions because the birds don’t seem to have used it yet. First, is it possible to have the feeder too close to the house? Mama wanted to put it where we would have full view of it. Second, since the only place that she could put it where we can see it is under the pine trees in front, she’s wondering if that could be the
problem? Thanks in advance for any information that you give!

And, so that this isn’t an entirely cat-less post, here’s a picture of us:


Feed the kitties…erm…the birdies!