About Queen Lily

Queen Lily was my first long-haired cat.  I got her when she was one years old from the Wisconsin Humane Society back in 2002.  Rather, I should say she picked me.  I had never had a tortoiseshell cat before, and was in for a surprise!  They are the “redheads” of the cat world–fiesty and independent.  I used to joke that she had me sign a contract with a million clauses and witnessed by her lawyer before I could bring her home.

A queen in repose

It was love at first sight when I met her.  She had gorgeous long red fur and amazing amber eyes.  When the adoption counselor opened the door to her “suite”, she ran out and sat down by the outer door as if to say “alright, I’m ready to go!”  I picked her up and she instantly started purring, holding her head back so that I could scritch her chin.  I knew she was the one.

The adoption counselor said that she had been found as a stray.  She had obviously been someone’s pet, because she was declawed in front and not at all fearful of humans.  I felt sorry that she had been through being lost, but knew that she was going to have a better life with me.

Her purr was very loud, and went on almost constantly.  She was extremely affectionate and friendly–she was the first (and to date, only) cat I’d ever had that would answer the door.  And she loved to talk–high pitched little chirps that couldn’t be ignored.  If she was displeased (which was a lot of the time) they got louder and longer.  She was a diva, she was queen of the house,  and she knew it.

That fabulous bushy tail and pantaloons!

I got a crash course in owning a long-haired cat.  I had to buy an air conditioner (she got heat sickness), special food for hairballs, and a lot of combs and brushes.  It was a plus that she loved to be groomed, because this was a daily thing.  Thank goodness for the Furminator!

One of her quirks was that she loved men–even the pizza delivery guy wasn’t spared her affections.  And if they actually came in and sat down–look out!  She was in their lap and wouldn’t leave them alone.  I was convinced she had a little black book and was out on dates when I was at work.

She was my companion for five years–a time that was too short but made such a big impression on me.  On March 20th, 2008, she passed away from kidney failure, after being sick for less than a week.  I was grateful that at least it was quick and she didn’t suffer, but my heart was broken.  Lily, my baby girl, you will always be with me.

6 responses to “About Queen Lily”

  1. Sweet Praline says :

    Thank you for sharing your story about Queen Lilly!

  2. The Island Cats says :

    Aw, she was a beauty!! Thanks for sharing her story with us!

  3. Amy & The House of Cats says :

    Oh thanks so much for telling us about Queen Lilly! What a cutie she was – it is sad she had a short life, but she was lucky enough that it was a good one full of love!

  4. CCL Wendy says :

    What a gorgeous girl she was! I’m wondering if she had a big of Maine Coon in her with all that floof! Gorgeous colouring, too.

    My son had the same thing happen to one of his kitties and she was only four years old. It seems that kidney failure can occur at any time.

    I’m sure she had a great life while she was with you, and that’s what matters most.

  5. Fifi Dudas says :

    Oh thanks so much for telling us about Queen Lilly! What a cutie she was – it is sad she had a short life, but she was lucky enough that it was a good one full of love!

  6. Emma and Buster says :

    You were lucky to have had that time with your first love. Thank you for sharing this sweet story.

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