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I need to stop all of this partying!

We are back!  Mama took a blogging break due to picking up extra hours at work.  We are just fine, though–the weather is cooler so we have been extra snuggly.  Mama handed out candy on Sunday, but the weather was bad and she only had about 20 Trick-Or-Treaters (no biggie–she has a lot of candy for herself now).  She’s also excited because this is her favorite time of year; baking season has arrived!  She’s already planning gingerbread men for the next weekend that she is off, so our place is going to smell wonderful!

Let’s see, what else?  She went thrift store shopping a few weeks ago and scored a large wall shelf and a tripod for her camcorder, and both together cost less than $10.  She has two days off this week, so she is going to decorate for autumn.  She has a lot of red and gold leaf decorations and some squirrel figures.  Maybe we can cajole her into letting us have a real live squirrel?

She was also at Petsmart last weekend and was looking at birdfeeders and bags of seed.  We may be adding an enhanced birdie channel to our kitty cable!

Anyway, that’s all the new stuff we can think of right now.  Have a great Tuesday!

A Walk In The Park, Part 2

Thanks for all of the great comments about yesterday’s post!  Milwaukee has some very lovely areas, and mama wants to showcase them.

Back to our walk.  Let’s see…

One of the great features about this park is the sheer size of it.  It’s in the middle of a residential area on the southside of the city, but once you step in all you see is nature.  (All of the pictures biggify)

This picture doesn’t do it justice.

Mama is a water person, so she really loves the two lagoons.  This small one can be seen from the street.

We love Old Man Willow;  willow trees are so graceful!
Here’s the  larger lagoon near the middle.  A family of ducks were there but they were too fast to photograph.  There’s also a boat landing but mama wasn’t there in the summer to see whether there are boats on it.
The big lagoon.  The sun was dancing on the water and looked like diamonds sparkling.  (Again, we wouldn’t know, we weren’t there)

The boat landing.

Mama’s Michelin Man shadow.  (she’s such a dork)

The boathouse.  We don’t know when it was constructed, but it’s very quaint.  The weather vane is neat.

The park has a bandshell; during summer the county parks have a music program where they let bands play in it, but it was built in the Seventies and looks icky so we spared you.

Only a few greenspaces in the city allow dogs.   Here’s one enjoying his day out (mama is a sucker for woofies in shirts/jackets/coats)

Sorry it’s so small (the picture, not the dog)

Why does she keep taking pictures of squirrels?
And to wrap up our walk, these bungalows surround the park.  Mama’s ideal house would be a Craftsman-style bungalow.  Most of these were probably built between the World Wars.
Oh, did we mention our mama is a dork?  Hee hee hee….
Hey you guys weren’t supposed to post this!
Thanks for walking with us.  Mama plans to do more posts showing the historical and natural aspects of the city, and will get them up as her schedule allows.  Thanks again!

A Walk In The Park, Part 1

It was a cool and sunny day Tuesday on mama’s off day, so she went for a walk in Humboldt Park on the southside and took her camera with her (you will need to save this link as an MS Word File then open it) .  The park she visited was one she hadn’t been to in many years.  Back in the Dark Ages when she was a teenager, her family lived near it and she and her sister used to go there in the summer.  She’s been dying to get some photos of fall colors to post and today was the perfect day for it.

Ready?  Let’s go.

This is the entrance:

Cool black and white shot
This is the park looking at it from the east:
This park is over a hundred years old and is a mile and a half from Lake Michigan.  The oldest thing in the park is this gazebo, which was constructed in 1921 as a memorial to those who served in WWI.
Biggify this to see the plaque clearly.  Note how nearly all of the names are German.
The park is 70 acres and contains a multitude of trees, hills, and wild life, plus two lagoons.  There was a family of ducks that she tried to take a picture of but it was too blurry.  A gaggle of Canadian geese were nearby, though, and they were kind enough to pose for her.
“Hey, What are YOU looking at?”
Mama thought they looked like they were getting lined up for a parade or something.
“Does anyone need to go to bathroom?  Do it now!  Mike, stop goofing around.  Jenny, did you just pour soap into Carrie’s tuba?  Everyone get into formation–we’re next!”
There were also squirrels everywhere.  Mama wanted to bring these two home (we would have protested).
The colors were amazing (not that we would know that, since we weren’t invited).
This one red tree in the middle of all the green ones was pretty cool.
There were still some wildflowers hanging on.  We don’t know what kind these are.

Mama’s sad attempt at an artsy shot.

There are more photos to post, but we’ll save it for tomorrow. Mama was snap-happy and doesn’t want this post to run too long.