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Mancat Monday

Hi, Connor the Explorer here!  Mama was nice enough to order me some snow boots for mancatly expeditions!  When they arrived,  I had to give them the once over; however, they seemed to be the wrong size:

“Ummm….I don’t think that my feet are this big!”
Then she opened them up and we admired the craftsmanship (but I was still a little nervous about the size):
“That blue will compliment my fur nicely.”
But then, she took them out and PUT THEM ON! What the heck are you doing, mama?

How the heck am I supposed to go on icy expeditions here in the frozen North without freezing my little pink toes off?

Chez Cat mama here: I am ashamed to say that even though I am Wisconsin born and bred, I have never owned a real pair of snow boots; these are a good brand and rated to minus 20 degrees.  I am really looking forward to the next blizzard to try them out!

Connor again:  Hhrrrmph……I’ll be taking a nap by the heating vent if anyone needs me.  Have a great Monday.