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Mom’s Crazy!

Since the holiday season is near, mama has gone into “happy housewife” mode on us.  It starts out small, with her just baking breads and muffins, then progresses into home decor.  A few weeks ago she received a coupon to Yankee Candle, so she went to the store in Southridge Mall and gave them all of her money.  We want to show you what we have to put up with around here.

She always has a cinnamon candle in the kitchen because she cooks so much, and she says the scent counteracts things like the smell of fried onions (and litter boxes).  She had to replace the candle, and got this cute rooster shade to go with it.
This tiny candle is a pumpkin spice candle.  Is it weird that she wants to eat this one because it smells so good?  She noticed that they are now making shades for these, so she may have to go back and give them another one of her paychecks!
This one is the “special” candle.  She only burns it during the holiday season and is another one that she wants to eat.  It’s closed up for the rest of the year.  This year, though, she got this gorgeous shade to go with it.  We can’t wait to light this one and see how it looks.
This one hangs out on the desk in the bedroom.  Mama just loves the lace pattern on the shade.  There’s a plate to go with it, but she hasn’t gotten around to getting it (shocking, I know!).
Yes, there’s even a candle in the bathroom!  This scent–ginger lime–has been discontinued, so mama is reluctant to burn it most of the time.   It smells fresh and clean, like really expensive soap.
If you think this is bad, wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving when she decorates for Christmas!  Furniture gets moved around to accommodate a tree, and there’s things dangling in our reach but we aren’t supposed to touch.  It’s really hard being a cat then!