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Mancat Monday–Triple The Mancatly Goodness!

I'm going to miss mama while she's gone!

Maybe she’ll let me take this slipper to the boarding place?

This Monday, I’d also like to introduce you to my mancat cousins.  They both live with our aunt and uncle (mama’s sister and brother-in-law).  They have turned my uncle into a total cat lover, even though he doesn’t want to admit to it!

First up, here’s Felix, a six year old tuxie.  He was  adopted at the Wisconsin Humane Society as a kitten.  He’s a snuggly little boy who just likes to sleep (a mancat after my own heart!).

Felix, also known as Little Boy and Fel-Fel

His brother is Oscar, a two year old black cat who’s quite the ladies’ man.  Oscar was a friendly feral who was trapped and nuetered when he was a kitten, then fostered by a local woman.  He still thinks he’s a mighty hunter!

Oscar, who is also called "Demon"

Since we won’t be here for Mancat Monday next week, we thought posting a “triple threat” of mancats would hold everyone, plus we wanted to show you the other feline members of our family.  Have a great Monday!