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Mancat Monday


Does the church in front of me look a little odd?  Let’s take a closer look.

Yes–the steeple is broken off!  Mama isn’t sure which one of us did it, and we’re not talking.  Lizzie likes to play with the houses, but I was upset that the villagers didn’t have treats.  Could have been either one of us, but like I said, we’re not talking!
Mama finally went out on Sunday and finished her Christmas shopping plus got more decorations for the tree.  Holiday decorations are already on sale, and she loaded up!  Now our tree looks like this:

She found some ribbon loops to put the ornaments on, instead of hooks (which are a no-no in our house).  There was also a 25 foot roll of ribbon for garland, too.  Our tree looks so much better.  You can biggify it to really see it.
Mama had a girls’ day out on Saturday, but we will put that in our next post–it involved food and shopping in another historic part of Milwaukee, so we’ll let mama talk about it in Wednesday.
Have a great Monday!


Our tree is decorated and lit, finally.  Mama didn’t get called in to work last night so she decorated, made hot chocolate and we watched movies.  Here’s our tree now.

“No, a little more to the left..there.  Perfect!”
We were just putting the finishing touches on when mama snapped this picture.  Wasn’t it nice of her to let us help?   Here we are with the finished product.
 “Do you think the people inside the houses have treats?”
“Just look up and smile!  Mama wants a picture.  Brothers!”
As most of you know, and probably are experiencing, we have a winter storm going on.  Mama had signed up for extra hours at work last night but got canceled.  She works today and is dreading going out in the cold and slush.  Everyone be safe out there!

Mancat Monday

So we’re really enjoying our new Wubbas.  Here’s a picture of me with mine:

Real mancats do pink
And in other news…
Our Christmas tree is still naked.  Mama is going to try to decorate it tomorrow, since she’ll be home to see how we are with it.  We’ve already added some of our own touches to it.
Note the branch on the bottom right–we thought that would add a little something to the decor.  Mama isn’t so sure and is grumbling that she’ll have to turn the tree around now to hide it.  The dreaded spray bottle has come out, too.  Us kitties are just trying to get in the holiday spirit!  Wait until she sees what we’ve planned for the other decorations!
See you all Wednesday!