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Merry Christmas!

We just wanted wish our fellow bloggers out there a very merry Christmas!  We are already sleeping and trying to get Santa to come as quickly as possible!

Do you think we can do a 48 hour nap?

There’s A Tree In Our House!

Hey–a big tree grew up in our livingroom!  Wanna see?

What do I do with this?

Mama is going to put all kinds of cat toys on it tomorrow–isn’t that nice of her?

The Christmas Tree

Well, the tree is up, but it’s bare naked.  Mama won’t decorate it until next week; something about seeing how we are with it before she puts things on it.  She says she needs more cat toys…er, ornaments…to put on it anyways.

Mama made a video of Lizzie under the tree; ignore mama’s voice–she knows she sounds like a goofy old lady.

And in other news–we got snow last night!  It’s really just a dusting but now mama wants to decorate and bake and play holiday music.  Unfortunately, she’s working a five day stretch because she signed up for overtime at work to help keep us in kibble.  Don’t worry mama, there’s still time to get the holidays going here at Chez Cat!

Have a great weekend everyone, and we’ll be back on Monday!

Decorating for Christmas

We’re sooo in the holiday spirit here at Chez Cat!  Mama has just been moving furniture around to accommodate our new tree.  This is our second Christmas together (and Lizzie’s second time seeing a tree) so we always want to make it special.

While mama was putting it up we helped by biting the branches to make sure they behaved (those branches have to kept in line, you know).  Mama must have appreciated it because she kept saying “Kitties!  Please!”  We love helping mama.

We need more decorations,  so mama is going to go out in a little bit and see what she can do.  In the meantime, here’s a picture of Lizzie with her pink Wubba.

“…sniff…..sniff….hmmm, ‘nip vintage October 2009 ….excellent choice…