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We’re Still Here…Sorta!

Hey everyone! We didn’t get kidnapped by aliens or anything! Mama was working a plethora of hours and just didn’t have the ambition to blog. We’ve been reading everyone’s posts, though!

Mama is on vacation now, and while we love having her home to give us scritches on demand, she got the spring cleaning bug bad and turned our world upside down! There’s bags and boxes to be donated that are sitting around, our cat tree is in the livingroom now, and the worst part–SHE MOVED OUR LITTER BOXES!!


She also bought another entertainment center, which means that there will be strange people walking through our house. We almost liked it better when she was working! Does anyone want to harbor us until the madness ends?

The Amazing Stack-A-Cat!

Are your cats in disarray? Do they get underfoot? With the new Stack-A-Cat, they can be easily organized and always close at hand! Stack’em anywhere! Great gift for the anal-retentive crazy catlady!

*sigh* “Why do we put up with this?”

Product Review

Chez Cat Mama here!  Since the kitties claim that they are too “cold” to do a post today I am taking over.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Quincy of Sea Yu products to try out their Clean+Green Wood and Tile Cleaner.

I received this nice big can and used it right away.  I live in a small apartment, and the only place I can put the cats’ litterboxes is in the kitchen–I prefer to keep the boxes on tiled floor because it’s much easier to keep clean.  Before I invested in covered litterboxes, I had regular ones and my little boy would accidentally spray over the top and onto  the baseboards.  I initally cleaned it up with baking soda and vinegar mixed with water, but my kitchen would smell like salad for a few days.

I appreciated the cleaner for it’s environmentally friendly ingredients and for the fact that it doesn’t have any scent that would turn a kitty off from using their box.  There isn’t even a hint of cat pee anywhere in the area!  I would definitely recommend this product.  They have many different ones, for carpeting and even laundry.

And so that this isn’t a cat free post, here is what my little darlings were doing instead of posting:

“A little heat would be nice!”

Have a good Wednesday!