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Mancat Monday

Mama got a new stand mixer–just to make treats for me!  I’m such a lucky mancat!

Mama: Ahem.  I’ll be making treats for *all* of us, but I’ll make some special ones for you, honeyboy!

Awww–I just love my mama!

Mama’s Supposed To Be An Amateur Chef!

So there we were last night, watching “Chopped Champions” on Food Network.  They had mouth-watering ingredients like geoduck (pronounced “gooey duck”–it’s a shellfish), Bosc pears, and red curry in their baskets.  Everything they made looked so fabulous!

“mmmmmmm…can’t you just smell them cooking?”

It must have made mama very hungry, because suddenly she got up and went into the kitchen.  We were expecting a five course meal–complete with wine selections and something flambeed for dessert.  Imagine our horror when she came back with this:

“What the heck?”

Lean Cuisine?!  Are you kidding?  You went to cooking school and this is the best you can come up with?  Where’s the Crackberry, we’re ordering *in* tonight!

Mancat Monday

Mama says…..

I’m the only man in her life!

She finally created a food blog, which will be about cooking (duh!) and local eating places, and probably recipes that she wants to try thrown in there.  You can find it here.

Now, I’m going back to my nap by the window.  Have a good Monday!

Friday and Possible New blog

So it’s Friday, it’s rainy, and mama has another four days of work to go.  She would really rather be sitting in a coffee house reading poetry right now, or home doing this with us:

“We saved a spot just for you!”

It’s days like this she feels rather melancholy and would rather be out doing something exciting instead of working.

Which brings us to something that mama has been thinking about for a long time: her own food blog.  She hasn’t put it together yet, but she’s thinking that it will feature not only her own creations but recipes she wants to try and local eateries as well.  She will post a link when she has it put together.  The food scene here in Milwaukee has exploded over the last several years, and there’s a lot of great ethnic food here at reasonable prices.

Anyway, so that’s what’s on mama’s mind right now.  We’re sitting at mama’s feet as she types this, because it’s a little chilly (and she’s tickling us with her toes).  Have a good Friday and we’ll see you for Mancat Monday!

Friday Miscellany

We’ve had a snow storm warning since yesterday afternoon, and the city is still digging out.   Right now the windchill is 10 degrees and we have about six inches of snow.  It’s very lovely but mama has to go to a class for work and wishes it could  be canceled so she can stay home with us and watch it.  To all of the other kitties who are being affected by this snow, be safe out there!  The roads can be slippery!

In other news, we made pizza the other day (or rather, mama did, we just begged for cheese, which we did NOT get).  Mama likes to make her own dough and then throw stuff on it.  On this occasion she did a plain cheese pizza with seven different kinds if cheese and lots of garlic and Italian seasoning.  Here’s what they looked like before they went into the oven:


And when they came out:

They smell so good!

We danced around and did all sorts of begging, but do you think we got anything?  No!  Apparently kitties don’t like garlic (how would we know, we never get any!).

So we have lots to supervise this weekend.  Mama wants to get the house in order before school starts in a few weeks, so we’ll be doing a lot of supervising to make sure it’s all done right!  Things just won’t get done if we don’t keep an eye on her, you know!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Mama’s In The Kitchen

Mama loves to cook, so we wanted to show you what she does when she has time on her hands (and there was cheese involved).

She gathered some stuff:

Olive oil, garlic, pine nuts, spinach…and PARMESAN CHEESE!

Threw a pinch of this and a handful of that along with some fresh cracked pepper and gray salt into her mini chopper:

The garlic and cheese together smells fabulous
Gave it a few whizzes (the mini chopper is small, so she did about three batches)….
And we’ve got this!
Spinach pesto!
Mama loves this stuff!  She is going to saute some mushrooms and black olives and put it all on some bow tie pasta for supper.  This can also be used as a spread on grilled Italian bread or stuffed into chicken breasts.  We helped out by rubbing her ankles and showing support while this was being made, but we didn’t get any.  Something about not feeding us human food because we won’t eat our own anymore.  We need to read the operating manual for humans again–this can’t be right!
~Lizzie and Connor