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The Photo Game

Our friends The Crew tagged us for a game.  Here’s the rules:

Open your first photo folder.
Scroll down to the 10th photo.
Post that photo and tell the story behind it.
Tag 5 more bloggers.

So we opened our first folder and here is the photo:

Yum! Scallops, crab, and tilapia!

It’s a photo of what mama was cooking for dinner (big surprise).  She was making  lemon pepper pasta with seafood, and this is what the preparations looked like.  You can bet we were dancing around underfoot!

Now for the five other bloggers:

The Daily Mewsing

Spot and Fiona

Wendy’s 3-D Cats

Meezer Tails

It’s All Good

If you’ve played already, that’s OK or if you don’t want to play, that’s OK too!

We also had the honor of being featured on Wendy’s LOL Spot yesterday!  She did a great job and we wanted to give her a shout out!  Have a good Wednesday!