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Still Recovering!

What a New Year’s Eve we had!  We had a blow-out party and kitties all over the place, lots of ‘nip……OK, well, actually we napped while mama was downstairs watching a Twilight Zone Marathon with her friend, but it was exhausting!  We’re still tired from it all!

Catching up on our beauty sleep!

We’re wishing everyone has just a good start to their new year as we are!  Let it be a great year!


I need to stop all of this partying!

We are back!  Mama took a blogging break due to picking up extra hours at work.  We are just fine, though–the weather is cooler so we have been extra snuggly.  Mama handed out candy on Sunday, but the weather was bad and she only had about 20 Trick-Or-Treaters (no biggie–she has a lot of candy for herself now).  She’s also excited because this is her favorite time of year; baking season has arrived!  She’s already planning gingerbread men for the next weekend that she is off, so our place is going to smell wonderful!

Let’s see, what else?  She went thrift store shopping a few weeks ago and scored a large wall shelf and a tripod for her camcorder, and both together cost less than $10.  She has two days off this week, so she is going to decorate for autumn.  She has a lot of red and gold leaf decorations and some squirrel figures.  Maybe we can cajole her into letting us have a real live squirrel?

She was also at Petsmart last weekend and was looking at birdfeeders and bags of seed.  We may be adding an enhanced birdie channel to our kitty cable!

Anyway, that’s all the new stuff we can think of right now.  Have a great Tuesday!

Have A Merry Christmas!

We here at Chez Cat want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  We’ll be back on Monday!

There’s A Tree In Our House!

Hey–a big tree grew up in our livingroom!  Wanna see?

What do I do with this?

Mama is going to put all kinds of cat toys on it tomorrow–isn’t that nice of her?

Happy Thanksgiving!

We want to wish all of our fellow bloggers a very happy Thanksgiving!  We will be eating too much and moving into the new Chez Cat (probably not a good combination, but what can you do when you have to deal with humans?).  Mama will make a movie and post pictures on Friday so you can see our place.

This is what we'll look like Thursday night!

Have a happy Turkey Day!

Mo’ Cats Day

Last year, some guy decided there were just TOO MANY cats on the internet and declared a “No Cats Day”.  As self-respecting felines, we put our paws down and stand in solidarity with Derby and our fellow cats.  Today we proclaim loudly “Mo’ Cats”!!

Our Long Weekend

Hi everyone, it’s Connor today!  We had a very nice three day weekend with mama.  Mostly we just hid in the house in the air conditioning, but Sunday she went to a cookout and took this fabulous treat with her:

"It's a white chocolate fruit tart."

She’s been checking out the new Cooking Channel, and loves it so far.  There’s a lot of ethnic cuisine, plus a show with nothing but mixed drinks.  There’s even a baking show!  Mama is very excited.

As for us kitties, we’ve been helping out by knocking over wastebaskets and playing Thundering Herd of Elephants at strange hours (we don’t want mama to get bored!).  Lizzie even did some maintenance on the laptop:

“OK, so just let this update and it will work fine.”

She also wants you to note how the external hard drive and mouse matches her collar.  Sheesh, ladycats and their fashion statements!  Have a good Wednesday!

Have A Great Memorial Day

Today is an important day here in America, where we honor our war veterans,  living and fallen.  Both of mama’s grandfathers fought in World War II, and her cousin Michael was killed in Iraq several years ago.  We would not have the freedoms we have today if it weren’t for these brave people to stand up for us.  So today, we put our hands over our hearts and say “we salute you!”

“Our veterans are not forgotten!”

We’re Back!

PLEASE NOTE: My laptop is running excruciatingly slow, so I am reading everyone’s blogs but not commenting because it takes literally five minutes for each page to load.  I am upgrading to Windows 7 this week and should be able to comment then.  Just wanted to make sure that non one that I was ignoring them!

In lieu of Mancat Monday, we want to report on the heinous crimes mama committed during the holidays.

First of all, she was at her aunt’s house and was seen cavorting with this:

Honey the Ladycat
Then, even though she keeps telling Connor that he is the only mancat in her life, she was caught loving on this:
Boobah the Mancat
And now, for the worst part–she went to a cousins house and did this:
Mama with Cloe the Toy Yorkie

There was one of these there, too:
Daisy the Shi Tzu (don’t know why the picture is tilted, sorry)
She had all kinds of excuses like she doesn’t see those other kitties often and the woofies were in dresses, but we held out.  We made sure to ignore her for a long time–and that was the longest five minutes of our lives, too.  We can’t have our mama associating with other animals and not pay the consequences!
Anyway, our holiday was very good–lots of food, gifts, and family.  Mama had a pretty good haul this year–gourmet coffees, some boardgames, gift cards, a really nice coffee maker, a big apple cinnamon candle, and a gift box of spices.
As a present to herself, she also upgraded to Windows 7, so when that comes we’ll have some HBO words flying around.  We may need to make plans to ignore her again.  Have a great Monday everyone!

Uh Oh!

Well, THIS can’t look good on Santa Paws list….

A child safety lock??!!
The story mama is telling is that somecat here keeps opening this cabinet that holds all of the cleaning supplies, so she bought these locks!  Is it too late to tell Santa Paws that we were framed?
With the holiday coming up, we will be off the air for a few days (plus mama’s laptop is suddenly running very slow, so she will see what she can do about it).  Have a very Merry Christmas!  We will be back with pictures and stories of how our holiday went–and whether we got coal in our stockings!