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Hugo’s Next Stop

It looks like Gracie of Goodness Gracie will be hosting Hugo next!  He’ll be off on his flight soon–thanks Gracie!

In other news, Hugo has found another Wisconsin favorite–cheese curds!

“I’m going to need a treadmill after all of this!

Hugo wants to say: “I have had a great time so far and really appreciate everyone hosting me!  I can’t wait for the next stop!”  Have a good Wednesday!

Nearing The End of My Visit

So I’m nearing the ending of my visit at Chez Cat!  I’ve really had a good time here and am excited about moving on.  The first person who says the want to host me in the comments can take me in.

So yesterday me and Chez Cat mama went out sight seeing.  Our first stop was the Milwaukee County Historical Society.  This building was used in the Johnny Depp movie “Public Enemies”; originally it was a bank and was used as such in the film.

A wider view

Next we went to the landmark that all of you may know from watching “Laverne and Shirley”–city hall.  The city just spent almost two years restoring it, and here it is in all of it’s classic beauty.

And last but not least, the building that has become the new image of Milwaukee–the Calatrava addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum.  We didn’t get there early enough for the brise soleil (sunshade) to be open, but it was a beautiful sight anyway.

Lake Michigan is in the background

It was a chilly day out, so when I got home I soaked up some furry warmth.

Two dudes just hangin’

I’ve really had a good time on this visit, hangover and all, and can’t wait to see who wants to host me next!  Hugo, over and out!

Hippo Diary, Days Three and Four

Wow, these Milwaukeans know how to have a good time!  This is Hugo, and I had a crazy day yesterday.  Chez Cat mama had tickets to see Ghost Hunters Live at the Pabst Theater downtown, and they took me along.

Before the show, we went to County Clare, an Irish Pub and Inn.  Chez Cat mama has been there several times before and has even posted about it.  Her brother-in-law loves Irish beer and ordered Smith’s Red for us.


I wasn’t too sure about the beer until I had a second one, then the food arrived and I got to sample the pub burger.


With food and beer in my tummy, we headed to the show.  Since we were at the Pabst Theater, it was only proper to have a Pabst beer.

I could get to like this stuff!

Then we went in and by then I was feeling no pain.  Here I am by the stage:

Hey there! I feel great!

Finally the lights dimmed and Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters came out for the lecture.  They were hilarious and talked about some of their cases and even had Powerpoints to illustrate what they do.

Sorry for the blurry pic, it was taken with the Crackberry.

They had a long question and answer session and were very gracious.  We were all having a good time, but then all of a sudden I had a funny feeling.  The room started spinning….my stomach got queasy….


I don’t remember anything else until this morning.

“Oooooooh…my head….”

So that was my Saturday.  I’m going back to sleep now…can someone turn the birds down?  Hugo, over and out!

Hippo Diary, Day Two

Well, it’s the second day of my visit at Chez Cat, and I’m really liking it here.  We’re just taking it easy today since Connor and Lizzie’s mama has to work.  They have been busy showing me how relax like a cat.

I like this position, but my feets stick out.

Then Connor tried to show me how to be a mancat like him, but I’m not sure I did too well.

“Ummm, Connor? I don’t think I’m that bendy.”

He also has very strange ideas about male bonding.

In the end, I just found my own spot to relax.


We’re going to the Pabst Theater and out to dinner tomorrow, so I’ll see you guys then!  Hugo over and out!

Hugo Is Here!

So a little hippo arrived yesterday–Hugo Harmony the Traveling Hippo!  He had a little unexpected layover but he’s here and safe and very cute!  We’ll let him take over the blog for a few days to start off his travelogue.

Hi everyone!  I am starting my tour at Chez Cat, and they have been very gracious hosts.  When I arrived Connor came right over to greet me.

*sniff sniff* Hey it’s Hugo! And he brought the good ‘nip with him!

Their mama opened the box and out I popped with a bunch of presents for them!

“Hey there! I am so glad to meet you!”

The kitties gave me a sniffing over and then checked out the presents.  Their mama made a short movie to commemorate this event:

Since it was late in the day and I was a little tired, we ran down to a historic sausage place and got some supper.

Usinger’s! The best sausage in the world!

While we were waiting to be served, there were people in there with big coolers on wheels; these Milwaukeans take their sausage very seriously!  Anyway, we got some braunschwieger, some olive loaf, and had them with some pumpernickel bread and sour pickles for a nice little deli supper.

Doesn’t this look yummy?

Chez Cat mama has to work tomorrow, so I will be taking it easy, but Saturday night there’s talk of going out to dinner and then to the Pabst Theater!  I can’t wait!  I’ll report back tomorrow!  Hugo over and out!