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The Tops of Our Heads–Literally

One of mama’s favorite parts of kitties is the tops of our heads.  It’s warm and is the perfect place for kisses, plus it’s near the ears.  She usually gives us a kiss and ear-rub combo, especially if we’ve been sitting in the window and are sun-warmed.

Tiny Girl "kissy-spot"

Big Squishy Orange Guy 'kissy-spot"

It’s payday here, and that means mama’s weekend off.  She is going spring coat shopping and possibly book shopping, too.  Then she’ll be home with us to snuggle for the rest of the weekend.

She found out the other day that they are giving her one extra day off of work during the week, so that when the fall semester starts at school she’ll have more time to study.  She’s most likely going to be repeating her anatomy class because of working too much, but that’s OK.  This is a hard subject and lots of students have to repeat it.  Of course, that means one extra day to be home and snuggle with us, too!

Have a good weekend everyone!