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We’re Helpful Kitties!

Helping mama watch TV.  Rachel Ray was on making chicken and swordfish.

"Make Connor move over a little, I'm getting squished!"


Demon Cat

Biggify for best viewing

Mama says she’s feeling like she is being watched!

Random Wednesday

Mama has been off for the last two days, so she’s been moving furniture and cleaning and stuff.  She even brought out that monster that lives in the bedroom closet and sucked up some of the furs that we so lovingly left on the carpet (and there’s a rumor that she’s going to do more today).  To say we are traumatized is an understatement!

As a consolation, we get to run around naked today!  Mama ordered us some 24 karat gold tags with her cell phone number on it (she got rid of the landline a few months ago) and she took our collars off.  We’ve been getting some really good scritches on our necks!

Here we are blissed out after a good scritching session:

“I know I’m sliding off the bed…I’m too tired to care!”

The upside of all of this cleaning and furniture moving is that we have new spots to explore, plus mama found our catnip mice under the couch.  There’s more happening, today, too.  Never a dull moment here at Chez Cat!

Oh, Shoot!

We were planning on spending the day plotting world domination and mama just told us that she’s off from work!

“Dang it! What do we do now?”

Anyway, mama ordered a sewing machine and it should be delivered by Friday–she’s going to attempt to make curtains from that material she posted about a while back.  We can’t wait, either–it’ll come in a big box that she’ll let us play in!  Maybe we should plot in there?   Mama has never sewn before, so this will be rich.  Of course, we’ll help by fuzzing up the material!  We’ll let everyone know how it all goes.  Have a good Wednesday!

Back To Normal

So we have settled down and are now back to our catly activities.


Oh, did you want to use this for laundry?  WE thought it was put here to entertain us!

New Furniture

Hi everyone, Connor here!  So mama was off yesterday, and all of us just hung out for a while.  We were expecting a new bookcase to be delivered by UPS, and when it arrived we sprung into action.  Here I am doing a security inspection.

Sniff..sniff…no tuna or nip, but it might be fun to play with.
We opened the box and got to work.
Of course, I had to supervise and give advice.  Mancats are known to be expert handymen.
“That piece gets connected to the other one; wake me when you’re done and I’ll tell you what to do next.”
Being the feisty redhead that she is, mama quickly got frustrated and HBO words were soon flying around.
My innocent ladycat ears shouldn’t hear this!  Tell me when it’s over!
But finally we were done, and mama organized all of her books on it.  This is only half of them.
 We heartily approved of the new perch…erm, bookcase and I gave her my official “job well done” stamp.

“Don’t wake me until the next project.”
Doesn’t the new shelf look great?  Mama’s been wanting a nice one for the livingroom.  Of course, being the avid reader that she is, she’ll need a second one by May!  
Have a great Wednesday everyone!