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Kitty Profiles

Hi everyone, It’s Lizzie today!  One of the things that always amazes mama is how different our faces are.  Anyone who thinks all kitties look alike is crazy!  We can be as individual as humans.  Take the picture below, for example.  Mama got just the right shot and shows how unique each of our profiles are.

You may have to biggify to see clearly

Connor has an aristocratic curve (sometimes mama calls him “Lord Connor”) while I have a dainty little snub nose.  Even our eyes are different.  I have big round ones (that I love to use to make mama feel guilty) while my brother has slanted.  She could pick us out of a crowd of a million cats!

In other news…it’s mama’s weekend off and it’s payday.  She ordered some gorgeous fabric for livingroom drapes and is going to get trim and lining for it tomorrow.  The blue in the pattern goes well with our coloring and the white is just perfect for showing kitty fur, so we think it’s a good choice.

The pattern is kind of 1940’s Dorothy Draper

The sun finally came out today, so the windows are open and there’s birds and squirrels galore out there.  Have a great weekend everyone!