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Ahhh, Sunlight!

Hi, Lizzie here today!  We’ve had THREE whole days of sun here in the frozen north!

My favorite spot

I had my windows open to chatter at birdies.


Connor is very excited about it.

But that will be over this weekend.  We have a saying in Wisconsin “if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.”  Apparently we are going back down to frigid  temps this weekend.  Phooey!

We don’t have too much planned this weekend.  Mama’s doing some shopping tomorrow then going to dinner at her sister’s house, and probably NOT going to give us a taste of that corned beef and cabbage.  There’s rumors of cake, too.   This would be an optimal time to break into mama’s laptop and organize a kitty union.  We’ll hammer out the details and get back to you guys on this!  Have a great weekend!