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Mancat Monday

I am king of this house. I rule over all the lands I survey!


I am mighty! I am your lord and ruler! I……..will move over and give the queen her throne back.




Mancat Monday…It’s Been A While!

This is what I gave my favorite mama for Mother’s Day!


She wishes she could stay home and do this all day!

Mancat Monday

Mondays look a lot better when you see them from above!


Mancat Monday

This is how mama and I spend our mornings–she in her pink PJs and me in her lap!


Don’t you just want to kiss the top of my head?!

Mancat Monday

I must be one awesome mancat–my sister acts just like me!

Mancat Monday

Mama got a new stand mixer–just to make treats for me!  I’m such a lucky mancat!

Mama: Ahem.  I’ll be making treats for *all* of us, but I’ll make some special ones for you, honeyboy!

Awww–I just love my mama!

Mancat Monday

Uh oh–it’s Monday!  Mama needs some emergency snuggles!  Gotta go!