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He’s in my spot!



Make a stand for your rights as kitties! Show them we can nap when and where we want!

Occupy the chair!


Occupy the laundry basket!


And occupy the cat tree!


Good Morning!

Hello. We will be napping on your clean laundry today. Have a good day.



*wash wash…lick lick…brush brush….*


*groom groom…lick lick…*


“What the…geez, lady! A little privacy?!”


What Do You Believe?

You probably think we lounge around all day and look good like we don’t have a care in the world while mama is at work. You probably also think that we eat the expensive catfood, have luxury bedding to sleep on, and get a lap on demand. We get all the nip and treats we want.

It’s a lie. We live in a cold dark hovel with nothing but scraps to eat. And we’ve never heard of nip.

You don’t believe us, do you?

We’re cats, what did you expect?


What Kitties Hear: Part 2

The other day mama came across us sleeping very sweetly on the couch.

As she gazed upon us in our slumbering state, she very lovingly said “OH MY GOD WHY DON’T YOU GET OFF THAT COUCH AND GET A JOB ALL YOU DO IS LIE AROUND AND SLEEP WHILE I WORK ALL DAY!”

At least, we *think* that’s what she said.  We weren’t really listening.


I’m So Insulted!

Hi everyone, Connor here.  Did you guys see the Facebook post on mama’s page yesterday?  She claims that my new nickname is “Mr. Pukey”!  Just because I *may* have brought up a hairball…or two…or more…doesn’t give her the right to embarrass me on the web!



And just because it’s *possible* that I might do it all year round doesn’t mean that she can call me what she wants.  This is an outrage!  I am a Mancat–I won’t stand for this!


..no, there isn’t a big orange guy hiding in the bedroom closet.  Why do you ask?



Just Because!

Sometimes we like to ignore mama and show her our backs even when she hasn’t done anything to upset us.  It’s our way to show her we have the upper hand.  Do any of you kitties do this, too?


"Driving mama crazy is what we do best!"