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Friday Night Nip Out!

Caught in the act–Connor in the nip!

‘Nip Party!

“Nuff said.

Mama’s Playing With The Camera

Mama filmed our morning routine with the new camera.  Heaven help us!




Femme Friday

Mama filmed one of my quieter moments, today.

Connor is all blissed out because I had just finished cleaning his ears.  He may be a mancat, but he still needs a woman to take care of him!

World Cat Day

We don’t normally post on weekends, but because it’s World cat Day we thought we’d share this video of us celebrating it.  Happy World Cat Day!  We are getting lots of hugs and kisses and scritches today.

Mancat Monday

New video of the Orange Guy in his favorite lair–the bedroom.

Have a great Monday!

The Christmas Tree

Well, the tree is up, but it’s bare naked.  Mama won’t decorate it until next week; something about seeing how we are with it before she puts things on it.  She says she needs more cat toys…er, ornaments…to put on it anyways.

Mama made a video of Lizzie under the tree; ignore mama’s voice–she knows she sounds like a goofy old lady.

And in other news–we got snow last night!  It’s really just a dusting but now mama wants to decorate and bake and play holiday music.  Unfortunately, she’s working a five day stretch because she signed up for overtime at work to help keep us in kibble.  Don’t worry mama, there’s still time to get the holidays going here at Chez Cat!

Have a great weekend everyone, and we’ll be back on Monday!

Mancat Monday

Mama went to Petsmart yesterday.  She claimed that she was getting us new food, but we heard from a reliable source that she was ogling birdies, piggies, and of all things–woofies!  She even made a stop by the cat adoption center and was blowing kisses at the kitties to wish them luck.

So when she got home, we were all ready to give her a major ignoring until she opened the bag and pulled something out that smelled REALLY good.

Look!  Our first Wubbas!

Wubbas mean I’m a real mancat now! (That’s my ear in the corner)

And mama even took my first movie of it. It’s a little dark because the sun was going down.  Hope this works for everyone!

One of mama’s friends gave her a bigger Christmas tree, so she plans on doing some major rearranging of furniture to put it up on Wednesday.  We’ll be back to show you all of the chaos!